Our story

The Milkboy brand dates back over a 100 years, to a small dairy in the Emme-Valley in the Swiss Alps, from where the best Swiss milk originates.

Each spring, the cows would ascent to pristine mountain pastures, celebrated with a festive procession of the towns cattle. Lead by the young men, the “Milkboy(s)”, wearing traditional costumes, carrying the artfully carved, wooden milk-pails used to milk the cows.

The cows remained to pasture throughout the summer, when the “Milkboy(s)” led them back down the mountain to the village, to festive celebrations.

We returned to the origins of the Milkboy story for inspiration, using it as the foundation to develop Milkboy Chocolates.

We created a unique packaging presentation by utilizing the paper-cut art, traditionally practiced in the alpine villages.

The visuals on the Milkboy wrapper were created by the famous Swiss, paper-cut artist, Esther Gerber. In addition, each flavor has its characteristics embossed, by hand-carved engraving plates, adding a unique dimension of touch to the packaging.

Our mission

To source the finest quality, natural and sustainable sourced ingredients in order to create extraordinary Chocolate.

To practice traditional and iconic Swiss Chocolate manufacturing without compromise, or shortcuts.

To share the inspiring story of the Milkboy brand

via our packaging presentation and to bring the joy of exceptional tasting chocolate to our customers.

What makes Milkboy Swiss Chocolate Unique?

Exceptional good tasting Chocolate

Authentic and traditional Swiss made Chocolates

5 x Sofi Award Winner for Best Chocolates and 5 x Great Taste Award

Unique and innovative Flavors

Beautiful, artistic packaging

Highest quality, all natural ingredients

Sustainable sourced Cocoa

Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free.

Kosher Certified

Attractive price / quality